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‘Dream Come True’ Ideas for 2017 Proms

High school prom marks a pivotal time in the life of a young person attending this milestone event. As such, it’s important that the theme, planning and décor be just right! When it comes to decorations for prom events there are a few different considerations that can make the entire process far simpler. Knowing where to start and how to complete the process can make a great deal of difference.

A prom planning committee’s first step is to pick a theme. In most cases, schools give students the opportunity to ‘pitch’ ideas and those are then voted on to determine what the celebration is going to look like. Once the committee has a theme in place, it’s far easier to decide what decorations are going to work best.

The next step is deciding how the decorations will come together. For some pieces, it may be beneficial to let students help create them in order to make the entire experience a bit more special. However for the heavy lifting of planning this type of celebration, it’s best to work with an expert company, like Your Event Solution. Working with a company that has expertise in event decor means that they’ll have access to large decor pieces, props and environment enhancements that are going to be perfect for the event. This is helpful because companies that create live and special events (like proms) are professional, work quickly, and can help save time and hassle when it comes to bringing the annual event together.

One great way to make a prom event something that students will never forget is to use props and decorations that encourage social media engagement. Ideas for achieving this are: ‘step and repeat’ backdrops for photo sessions, photo booths and vignettes and lounge areas set up for Instagram photo-taking. Fun themes that Your Event Solution is see trending for 2017 are: masquerade, super hero themes, themes based on favorite movies, international themes (Moroccan, Bollywood, etc) and themes that play off of color (fire & ice, black & white, etc). All great theme ideas that can be personalized for each school so that prom goers will feel like they are a part of something truly special and unique to their graduating class and to their school in particular.

If you are just getting started with planning a prom, OR you’re realizing that your committee could use the help of someone that’s done this before, click HERE and connect with us! The creative team at Your Event Solutions has ideas for days and a warehouse full of captivating decor and props that will inspire a prom that all dreams are made of!fire-ice-labeled-prom-yesprom-decor-collage-yes


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