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Centerpieces: Grand, Unique, Functional…We Just Love Designing Them!

Centerpieces that are unique and appropriate can make or break your event’s room design. Table centerpieces are important aspects for any event, and are easily judged. Our team finds that the success of centerpiece design all comes down to the details. This standard decor item placed in the center of a table is traditionally a floral arrangement, but can also be a candleabra, sculpture, piece of artwork, functional item, or even technology. At Your Event Solution we don’t limit our imaginations to the idea of just a bouquet of flowers. Our designers painstakingly conceptualize, visualize, and plan out the textures and specific accessories to encapsulate each client’s event message and branding.

Floral centerpieces are most definitely a favorite though! For corporate meetings, luncheon events and social gatherings a floral focus will always bring color and joy into the room. Flowers offer color, texture, and smell – engaging all your guests senses. We encourage clients to choose floral centerpiece designs that have a purpose or make a statement. Even with floral the centerpiece can harken back to the branding of the event. There are also designs that are cutting edge in content, adding design to forward thinking events.

Centerpieces, in a variety of designs and styles are appropriate for events from weddings to mitzvah events to corporate meetings to conferences. And don’t always think of the piece as being in the center of the table – side tables and entry tables are unexpected, but delightful places to add color and design to your event. YES makes it our mission to always be ‘thinking outside the box’ when conceptualizing centerpiece designs for our clients. Enjoy below a few photos of our favorite centerpiece designs from our website. And for the full CENTERPIECES album, click onto our website HERE!

Feather Centerpiece Collage YESCoffee Table Centerpiece YESChristmas Centerpiece YESMardi Gras Centerpiece YESGatorade Centerpiece YESFishbowl Centerpiece YESApple Centerpiece YES Votive Candle Centerpiece YESCandle Centerpiece YESMoody Centerpiece YES


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